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Alastair Majury

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Alastair Majury is a leading Senior Business Analyst and Data Scientist based in the UK. With over a decade of experience working across all types of financial services and geographies, Alastair’s craft and insight is truly unparalleled. Through his varied experience, Alastair Majury is able to identity a company’s most critical change issues and opportunities.

Throughout his career within the Financial Services sector, Alastair Majury has worked for large Multinational banks as a permanent member of staff, and as a contractor, providing process improvement, training, migration, and Subject Matter Expertise to name but a few solutions. Furthermore, Majury has an impressive portfolio of experience in the Retail, Investment Banking, and Private Wealth sectors of the Financial Services Industry. Over the course of his profession, Alastair has been involved in varying capacities, working with Country, and Global Heads to individual team members. HIs singular experience across a wide range of change projects, allows Alastair to offer unique insight, specialist expertise, and an analytical mindset to his clients.

Apart from his career, Alastair Majury is equally committed to charitable endeavors. Through the years, Alastair has been dedicated to youth leadership as part of the Boys’ Brigade, a charity which focuses on enriching the lives of children and young people, and building a stronger community. Volunteering his time at the Boys’ Brigade, Alastair helps both children and young adults reach their full potential by engaging in a range of fun and developmental activities and experiences.

“Volunteering is incredibly important to me.  In a day and age where people cynically bemoan how selfish our society has become, it is living proof that there is still plenty of selflessness out there. I learned that half the fun in volunteering is the joy and camaraderie of spending your time accomplishing a task with others.”


Alastair Majury

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“Through the actions I have witnessed I now have a passionate belief in the extraordinary capacity human beings have for selflessness.  We are often reminded of all the appalling deeds humans are carrying out, but not so often of the generous, kind-hearted ones. Volunteering is important to me because it showcases the best the human species has to offer and reminds us that there is and always will be hope for a better future.”


Alastair Majury