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No matter where you are, outreach is an integral part of any community. People enjoy helping others, and Hollywood is no different. Celebrities often donate to their favorite charities or speak out in favor of political candidates they believe in, using their fame to help however they can. In honor of International Women’s Month, keep reading to learn about some of the famous women going above and beyond to do their part in helping their local and global neighborhoods.

Cara Delevingne

As a proponent of Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation international campaign to lift up adolescent girls, Delevingne has been using her stardom to bring attention to their cause and empower other women to stand with her. Girl Up focuses on programs that help girls go to school and doctors appointments, stay safe from violence, and inspire other advocates within their community. Girl Up focuses on raising awareness and money for the education of young girls in refugee camps, and Delevingne is eager to continue their mission.

Gina Rodriguez

Rodriguez concentrates her efforts on celebrating Latinx in the entertainment industry, specifically on Latinx actors. As a response to the 2016 Oscars and their overwhelmingly white nominees, she created #MovementMondays to highlight the Latinx and their performances. While she is largely active on Twitter and Instagram, Rodriguez also works with the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts and helped to co-found the lingerie company Naja. As a brand and as an individual, empowering women is the driving force behind all of their efforts.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been advocating for mental health awareness ever since she herself spent a brief time in rehab in 2010. After counseling and later a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, Demi Lovato uses her personal experiences to relate to her audience. She is also enthusiastic about engaging the younger generations to get involved with politics and cast their votes and has strongly allied herself with the LGBTQ community.

Miley Cyrus

Miley is another Disney alum (like Demi) who is passionate about helping the LGBTQ community, as well as those who are experiencing homelessness. In 2014, she launched her non-profit organization Happy Hippie Foundation which works to provide homeless and LGBTQ youth with basic essentials that would not be otherwise available to them. She considers it the right thing to do to use her fame to direct attention to causes that truly need it.

Kerry Washington

She might play a tough-as-nails fixer on Scandal, and the real-life Kerry Washington is just as cool. Much of her efforts go towards helping eliminate violence against women and girls as a board member of VDay. Kerry also serves as a Purple Purse Ambassador, which helps financially support victims of domestic abuse.