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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are changing everything about tech world in general, and especially the internet.

The implications of machine learning can’t be ignored, and you need to understand how your business is affected externally and internally by common AI implementations.

Here are a few big ways that AI and machine learning are incorporated by enterprises to advance their success, and what it means to the tech and business worlds at large.

Better Automated Responses For Call Centers

Dial 1 for English. For help with technical issues, say Technical Support. Explain your issue after the tone.

Automated systems have been a blessing and a curse for call centers and operator departments. Being able to route callers to specific areas not only in a handful of departments, but into the hands of specific professionals who match their specific issue is becoming a reality.

Unfortunately, call systems have a bad reputation in the general public. While most people may be neutral or uncaring when it comes to automated systems, many people become extremely frustrated to the point of repeatedly pressing 0 to speak to a real person and being far more angry than before they called.

As AI improves, so does automated response. Machine learning enables better listening when it comes to accents and context, and can match callers based on a list of relevant departments, specialists, and call history.

Those are just a few examples of how AI matching can help. With a dedicated machine learning team, systems can be trained with many types of pre-set data.

Helpful Knowledge Banks For Training And Efficiency

Does your business rely on a knowledge bank or knowledge base for bringing up information? Is it decent, but a far cry from Google or Bing’s search engine quality?

For many businesses, the knowledge bank or KB search functions are decades behind. They perform a basic task to pull up basic information, and that’s fine for people who take the time to learn how the KB reacts to certain searches or “thinks.”

Unfortunately, your future employees will expect better. If you want to avoid losing new talent to businesses offering a better training and tool experience, you can look forward to better search training and search learning with modern machine learning.

Identifying Client Trends And Customer Habits

Learning more about clients or customers is the double-edged sword of modern business.

On one hand, it’s utterly ridiculous to not look for every single trend, reaction, habit, and best practice that comes from how your customers react to literally anything in life.

On the other, that same type of data can become a huge invasion of privacy. This isn’t just about people who are a bit prickly when it comes to prying eyes; if you can use the data to sell them better products, abusers can use the data to ruin lives.

This part of big data analytics is here to stay, and machine learning is making it easier. It’s not about if your implement machine learning, it’s about how ethically you gather and use data.

Contact an AI and machine learning specialist to discuss other topics surrounding businesses and the world of learning data.