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The decisions about donations to charities should be based on accurate information about nonprofit organizations. There should be verifiable information about the projects, such as the benefits for a community. Each good cause that is supported by a nonprofit organization should be mentioned on the business website and also in the printed information from the office for the nonprofit organization. Donors should use a checklist:


  • Choose a good cause.
  • Research information about nonprofit organizations.
  • Choose a nonprofit organization.


Verifiable Information about Charities


Several resources can be used to verify the information about a charity to ensure that the funds are being used to support the appropriate good cause, such as for helping homeless people or for planting trees in a community. The financial information can be checked on the annual reports for the nonprofit organizations and also on several websites for consumers:



Quality of the Services from Nonprofit Organizations


Donors usually choose a good cause, such as controlling litter or water pollution and then find a suitable charity. A donor could contact some of the staff members and could also volunteer for an event to evaluate a nonprofit organization. There could be a problem if the staff members had asked for donations to protect wild geese but had used the donations to buy hockey equipment.


The Efficiency of the Business Operations of a Nonprofit Organization


Some of the key factors for motivating supporters to donate to a charity are the productivity and efficiency factors. The leaders of a nonprofit organization could have won several lawsuits that protect a lake or wildlife sanctuary. If the leaders also use cost-effective methods, then donors could decide to make a donation to the nonprofit organization.


News Articles and Consumer Reviews about Charities


There are usually news articles and consumer reviews about nonprofit organizations, such as about the problems or benefits from projects for picking up litter near a shoreline. Donors should make a decision about which nonprofit organization provides very polite services and also generates the most benefits from the donations. The quality of the services reflects the dedication of the employees who work at a nonprofit organization.