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The holidays are officially here, and with them comes cold weather, hours of time spent with family and loved ones and an uptick in charitable contributions. That’s right, the holiday season means giving back as much as possible. Volunteering at soup kitchens and homeless shelters, donating money and gifts to children’s hospitals and things of the like are commonplace during this time of year. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with donating your time and money in those ways, why not try something a little bit different? Here are a few unique ways that you can donate to charity this holiday season.

Charity Miles
The cold and snowy weather might make many of us want to stay indoors as much as possible and curl up with a nice cup of hot chocolate; but for others, this is the time of year to get fit and stay healthy. For those of you who enjoy working out, whether it be indoors or out in the wide open spaces, you should consider Charity Miles. This mobile application is available for both iOS and Android and allows you to turn those healthy activities into charitable contributions. Simply open the application and begin your workout. For every mile you bike, you can earn 10 cents (7p); for every mile you run or walk, you can earn 25 cents (roughly 17p).

Tabs For a Cause
If you’re like most other holiday shoppers, you are probably shopping online for the best possible deals. Many times, you will leave dozens of tabs open on your Internet browser in order to compare prices. Since you’ll have those tabs open anyways, why not let them do some good in the world? Tabs For a Cause is an extension that you can add to your Firefox or Chrome browser in order to raise money for charity. Every time you open a tab, a charity will receive a monetary donation from the organisation.

Donate through eBay
If you’re looking to sell some items on eBay, you could donate all or some of your proceeds to charity. Simply select a charity of your choosing, list the item and wait.

The holidays are a great time for many reasons. Whenever you have a moment, make sure to volunteer your time or money however you can. Have a safe and happy holiday.