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As a devoted philanthropist, I am always looking for ways to raise awareness for charities and new philanthropic endeavours. And philanthropy and charity have been two very heavily discussed topics in the media, given the recent natural disasters in America. Hurricane Irma has done tremendous amounts of damage to our neighbours across the pond, and, as humans, we should show compassion and assist in any way that we can, either through monetary donations or otherwise.


Here are a few UK-based charities that are offering support to those affected by Hurricane Irma.



As one of the most popular and fast-growing charitable organisations in the UK, Oxfam is working hard to do its part in the hurricane relief. According to the organisation’s website, Oxfam has staff in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba working with local government agencies to ensure maximum efficacy. Oxfam also has four five-member teams dispatched to multiple hotspots around the islands.


British Red Cross

One of the most popular charitable organisations in the world, the British Red Cross, is also looking to provide relief for those suffering. More specifically, the British Red Cross has volunteers in its overseas Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and the Turks and Caicos Islands branches working around the clock assisting anywhere they can. The organisation is also working with the International Federation of the Red Cross as well as other Red Cross societies.


Unicef UK

Unicef focuses primarily on providing aid to children, and Irma has certainly hurt its fair share of children. According to Unicef’s official website, Irma has endangered 10 million children throughout the Caribbean islands. This storm has not only rocked the actual foundation of the islands, it has also cut off their communication and supply sources as well. Unicef is looking to provide clean water, food, medicine and other necessary supplies to children in need.


Please take a moment to help others in need and make a donation of any amount or type. Every bit helps.