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As a major proponent of philanthropy and charity, I love hearing of people’s great deeds to help better humanity. I also love encouraging others to go out and be charitable and hospitable. Unfortunately, while the world is made up of billions of kind and good people, there are a few less-than-kind people who are willing to take advantage of the kindness of others. That is why, in order to help the good and honest people out there, I am offering a few hints and tips at how to make sure that you aren’t being scammed by your charity.  


Look it Up

We live in a technological society where all of the world’s knowledge is at our disposal! We can find answers to some of today’s most challenging questions in a matter of seconds. We should be using that power every chance we get. And one of the easiest ways to ensure that your charity is legitimate is by simply looking it up. Websites and organisations like Charity Watch monitors hundreds of the world’s charities and reports on abuse and whether or not the charity is using its donations properly. If you have a charity that you are interested in donating to, look it up first.  


Be Wary of Paper Currency

Again, we are living in a digital age where more and more people are relying on credit cards and using their money electronically. That is exactly why, if your charity does not accept any method of payment other than physical currency, you should be sceptical. Most charities around the world accept some form of credit card or at least a cheque.     


Don’t Be Pressured

One of the biggest red flags that a fake charity can raise is taking a forceful approach to soliciting. Obviously, all charities need to solicit donations in some form or another, but the fake ones try to get your money as quickly as possible. Therefore, they will try and pressure you into making a donation almost immediately. They do not want you to do any background research, as it will likely reveal the truth. Always do your research. Never feel as though you must donate right then and there.          


What the world needs right now is more charity, hospitality and philanthropy. If you are willing to give your hard earned money to a charity, keep yourself safe by doing some research and being sceptical at every turn. It may wind up saving you a lot of trouble in the future.