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The Walt Disney Company and TOMS have just revealed a shoe collection that features rare sketches from the 1959 animated classic Sleeping Beauty. This is the second of three collections that pay special tribute to the past contributions of female artists at Disney’s Ink and Paint Department. According to TOMS, all of the images used on these shoes came directly from the Walt Disney Archives and have never been shown to the public before.

The New Designs And Sizes Available

Adults interested in this collection can choose from a pair of shoes, alpargatas, or sneakers, all of which have slightly different designs. The shoes in this collection have a pink background with images of Princess Aurora in her iconic blue dress. Some of these sketches are colored and others are not. The adult alpargatas, on the other hand, have colored sketches of all three fairy godmothers (Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather) with a white background. Lastly, the sneakers in this collection feature only two sketches of the godmothers Flora and Merryweather with pink stars on a white background. Prices on these shoes range from $65 to $70 per pair.

TOMS also released youth and toddler size shoes in this latest collection. Kids can choose between the Princess Aurora sketches just like on the adult shoes or white sneakers with pink stars and images of Flora, Merryweather, and Princess Aurora. All of the kids’ shoes come with the option for either shoestring laces or Velcro straps.

Selling Shoes For A Good Cause

Both Disney and TOMS pledged to donate a pair of these shoes to needy children for every pair they sell. Estimates show that about 75 million of these shoes have already been donated to children below the poverty line across the globe. One charity group TOMS is working closely with on this project is LA’s Best After School Enrichment Program.

What’s Next For Disney & TOMS?

The final batch of shoes in the Disney & TOMS lineup is slated to be Snow White themed. Hopefully these Snow White shoes will be released in August of this year. In keeping with the other two collections, TOMS pledges to only use sketches from female artists for the Snow White line. Speaking of the third collection, TOMS already has a line of Cinderella shoes available for purchase. Anyone who’s interested in buying these shoes can pick them up on TOMS’ official website.