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I am a major proponent of philanthropy and all of the good that it can bring the world. That is why I am constantly looking for new and interesting ways to not only give back to my community, but to others as well. One of the more interesting ways to participate in philanthropic endeavors is through traveling. And considering that it is summertime and people are eager to travel anyway, I figured I would compile a list of ways that you can be charitable while traveling, whether you’re flying around the world or driving to a nearby city.


Luggage Space

Are you the type of person that travels light? You don’t carry many bags with you, so you really don’t need all of that luggage space that the airplane’s overhead compartment offers. If that’s the case, then you should consider using that extra luggage space for donations and supplies for communities that need it. Organizations like Pack for a Purpose provide travelers with information on how to use their overhead compartment for good. Simply login to the website, select a destination and travelers are informed on what materials the specific communities require; travelers then store those items in the overhead compartment and drop them off at the designated tour company or accommodation. It’s an incredibly easy way to make a big difference in the world.


Change for Good

After you’re finished traveling, chances are you have a bit of money left over. Maybe you spent less money than you had originally planned or you were able to manage your money very wisely; either way, you can use that spare money to make a change. UNICEF’s Change for Good program is specifically designed for this very purpose. The program allows travelers to donate leftover change to the organization which helps children around the world. Several high-profile airlines currently participate in the program, including Alitalia, Finnair and QANTAS.

Simply Look into Local Charities

This one may seem obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it. If you are traveling to another country or simply another city, why not do some research on the local community? Look into the needs and issues of the area and find out which charities and organizations need the most help. You do not necessarily need to spend your entire visit volunteering or donating, but you could spend a few hours of one day doing something honorable. Every little bit helps.