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There are a couple of criteria that make for a great data scientists. There are some other signs that can reveal the fact that someone might not be cut out for a data scientist. Here are the signs that one should skip this profession.

Dislike Of Statistics

Although data scientist is a lucrative career path, it involves a lot of statistical analysis. Someone who does not like going through statistics may have to skip this option.

Dislike for long and lonely working periods

Like most scientists, data scientists are often working alone in order to concentrate. Minimal distraction is needed to do the work that requires patience and quietness. If someone is very social and cannot live without interaction, this type of career will feel too isolated for them.

Lack of attention to details

This type of work requires constant work with data and statistics that need great attention to details.

Dislike for tedious work tasks

As much as 60% of the time, data scientists are burdened with the preparation of data. This is a tedious job that requires lots of concentrated work with many details.

Weak technical or engineering understanding

Data scientists require to have proper backgrounds in IT, statistics, engineering, and data modeling. A strong background in these disciplines is what makes the person perfect for the job.

Afraid of failure

Data science is something that is not 100% predictable. New data can pop up all of a sudden and change the way formulas and algorithms have to be used. A data scientist must be flexible in changing their recourse with the input of new information.

Dislike for desk work

Data science requires that one stands in a chair for long periods of time. People who like to be mobile and move around will feel strained by the long hours in the chair that this work requires.

Bored by data

Data is the principal concern of data scientists. If one does not like to deal with data, process it, analyze it, or put it together, then this work is not for them.

No understanding of how to put business problems into data algorithms

If a data scientist is employed by a company, they will be expected to understand business and how to help solve problems through data research and the creation of new data algorithms.