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World Food Day is celebrated every October 16, and although the day has just passed, we should not wait to care about it until next year. We should all be doing our part to help others in need. According to the food and Agriculture organisation of the United Nations (FAO), world hunger is on the rise, after having declined steadily for quite some time. This is a matter that needs to be addressed. Just last year, 816 million people suffered, and continue to suffer from, hunger. The FAO has a goal of ending hunger by the year 2030, and although it is certainly a difficult goal to achieve, you can do your part in helping us get there.

Food Banks
One of the best ways to assist in the fight against hunger is to donate any excess food that you don’t want. Food banks are the greatest place to send your food. The Trussell Trust is one of the UK’s largest food bank networks, with over 400 food banks in service. Just last year, the Trussell Trust donated over 1 million items worth of food to those in need. Look into your local food banks and give today.

Smaller Food Portions
While large food portions may seem like a great idea at first, you can quickly realise that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. While some save their food for later, others simply throw that food away. That is food that could have gone unwasted had your portions been smaller. Not only can the food potentially be saved to donate to others, it also helps in boosting your overall health.

Keep Track of your Rubbish
Another great way to help in ending food waste is to keep track of what you throw out. By writing down all of the food that you’ve thrown in the bin, you can get a deeper understanding of what you actually use and what you do not. This can then assist you in purchasing food later so that you do not run into the problem of having mountains of food that you won’t eat.

Solving the world’s hunger crisis is a large task. It will not be easy and it will not happen overnight. But it can happen if we all do our part.